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How to hire a trusted moving company

If your moving soon you must have already started preparing for it. But have you chosen the moving company that’s going to move you?

Confused about which moving company to hire?

How would you know that the moving company won’t break your stuff? Charge you more than the agreed costs? Lose your precious household items on the way?

There are thousands of moving companies out there claiming to be the best but the question is who can you really trust?

This is why we have put together some tips which might help you access the moving company before you hire them.

1. How long has the company been in business?

In this kind of business experience definitely counts. For example, you can ask a moving company how much experience they got in moving special items like antiques. You can also see if they understand that no insurance can compensate for the wreckage of such special items.

2. Do they have a license?

As mentioned before there are many fake companies out there and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between fake and real companies. The best way to tackle this is by going for an online marketplace which guarantees verified moving companies.

3. How well do they insure your goods?

When you plan on hiring a moving company always confirm that they insure all the goods which are moving. Check which insurance companies they are tied up with. Also, ask them how much time will the insurance company take to reimburse the amount if there is some mishap.

4. What do their past customers have to say?

When you’re researching about the moving company online you should also check the reviews written by their past customers. This will give an idea of what to expect from the company in terms of quality. You can go through review sites like mouth shut or even go through google reviews.

If possible you should also ask the company for references of their previous customers. Talking to them should be reassuring.

5. Ask them for an estimate

After you shortlist a couple of companies ask them for an estimate. They’ll drop down to your place for this and depending upon the kind of luggage you want to shift they will give you an estimate.

Go through the estimate properly and ask them questions if they’re being too pricey.

A quicker way to do this is by hiring a moving company from a place that gives you instant home moving quotes and lets you compare quotes online.

These are some ways you can evaluate a moving company and you can be rest assured that you move without any hassles.

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