Moving home? Here’s what you should know

Moving home? Here’s what you should know

Are you moving home soon? Looking for packers and movers to shift you from one city to another?

Planning a home move is difficult. It gets worse if you are inexperienced.

The first and the most important thing to decide is how you wish to move. Will you execute the move yourself? Or hire professional packers and movers?

To help you decide and plan the move efficiently, here are 5 blogs you should read.

1. Expert advice for shifting home

This is an article that helps you with the A to Z of moving. What is the cost of moving home? How will you choose a moving company that’ll ensure a zero damage move? How do you adjust to life in the new city?

Get expert advice and some very useful home moving tips here.

2. Apartment moving checklist

Having a checklist makes everything simpler. It helps you organize things and make sure you don’t lose your mind!

Here’s a home moving checklist you can refer to.

3. 10 packing tips when moving home

Packing for a home move is one of the most difficult and also the most boring part. But sadly, it is also the most important thing. If you get this right, half your problems are solved.

Again, having a checklist will make this simpler. Here’s one you can use.

4. Post-moving checklist

If you’ve moved home before, you’ll know that there are several things you need to take care of post-moving, too. Did you clean the house before moving in? Did you check for water supply and electricity connections? These are some of the many things you need to take care of.

Here’s the complete checklist to help you settle in easily.

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